Monday, February 9, 2015

HOW THEY ARE MADE ➜ U.S. Silver Eagle Coins ➤ #1 Best Silver Investment

Check out the U.S. Mint working around the clock to try and quell the public's insatiable demand for Silver Eagle Coins. This footage was edited together thanks to the U.S. Mint and CoinMags footage while the supply chart was provided by At 3:20 in you get an even wider look at American Gold & Silver Eagle Coin sales since the 1986 inception of the U.S. Mint Bullion program. Note how in silver eagle coin demand (blue bars), there are basically 3 stages of buying demand the U.S. Mint has received from the investing public. As silver eagle coins are the #1 choice of physical silver bullion buyers the world over, I believe it worthwhile to examine the various stages of silver eagle coin demand to date. First there is the inception of the coin program which surely excited coin collectors in the mid-1980s. Only then came the dot-com bubble of the middle and late 1990s, taking away most investor’s attentions. Then around 1999, there were the Y2K (year 2000) fear phenomenons which swept many doomsdayers into a frenzy. Couple concerned people’s Y2K Mad Max narratives and the growing ability of the internet to spread not only messages of concern, but also to communicate fundamental investment knowledge (e.g. Ted Butler’s work) about silver and gold investing. Remember too that in the year 2000, the U.S. dollar was strong, we had gas prices at like $1 a gallon. That was the approximate bottom point for bullion values. Then the 9/11 tragedy happened, we doubled down on wars, we got hammered with a barrage of fear cards from terrorists in caves plotting to decimate our cities. The easy credit and lending of the housing bubble kicked in, people felt wealthy, credit was easy and cheap for most middle class americans which rapidly appreciating on paper home values. The final level of silver eagle coin demand sprang up thanks to the 2008 global financial crisis. At the time many, many losing investors (losing approximately 43% of their wealth) began to see the financial system’s instabilities while investigating the fundamental factors of our entire financial system. I am talking about how it works, how “the sausage is made”, what the system relies upon to function fluidly, where the biggest risks are, etc. I believe many of these investors who were spurred to buy bullion during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, they for the most part understand the fundamental factors for why they bought physical silver (and gold for that matter). Most if asked would say the system has not structurally of fundamentally changed, it has indeed worsened. Many would also say (including myself) that there are more reasons now than ever to be stacking silver and gold bullion while reducing your portfolio’s paper and counterparty risks. Today it only takes one large daisy-chain of derivatives gone bad to potentially expose the now larger than 2008 insolvent commercial banks who actively use accounting scams to cover their insolvency. We could see a global crisis in the confidence of the world’s bond markets. There is the potential of a G20 round-robin of global fiat currency devaluations for we do now have unsustainable debts and entitlement programs in the west which will have to be addressed at some point. Eventually all the financial and monetary systems must be fundamentally fixed, band-aid central bank solutions, price and media propaganda, they won’t solve the issues long term. In the coming atonement, silver and gold bullion are what many in the public are choosing to hold (my dear reader, you can include me on the list).