Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silver Eagles vs. Bars

It doesn't matter if the bar is tarnished they melt it down. Why people buy metals? Because it is an industrial good and . I agree coins are better then bars because it is easier to sell a coin of 30 dollars instead of a bar of a kilo. More people can afford a coin instead of a bar .Engelhard is the most respected name in silver because of it purity. I had 400 oz all Engelhard, 10 oz bars and 1 oz coins. I dont recommend 100 oz bar like the one in video. It's harder to sell when silver go to 100/oz. It is for big investor only. If you invest under 10K, then 10 oz bar and 1oz coin is way to go. Total of silver in video about 20K at the time, right now about 40K in just 6 months. I dont understand people who continue to invest in a stock market. full of worthless derivatives, and overinflated b.s. like yahoo, & on & on. The only reason the market is doing as good as it is, is because the FED . just dumped 1.7 trillion of future tax dollars that have yet to be collected into it. At the same time 14+ trillion debt 1.6 trillion budget deficit.soon all that money will be chasing real assets like gold and Silver , Need i say more? Buy metals, buy lots of them.