Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Should I Invest In Gold or Silver Bullion - Truth Behind Investing In Bullion

there´s an old saying: "gold is the money of the kings, silver is the money of the noble people, trade is the money of the farmers and debt is the money of the slaves" and silver was/is always accepted at any place, at any time, throughout the centuries. and it was NEVER worth 0. every paper money (chinese had it twice 4000years ago) felt to the point of being will happen to the $, the euro and to any other paper money of the future..but i doubt we will have more papermoney systems in the future after any collaps. rather going for credits or something like that. but even if it doesnt collaps you have an investment that never looses its true value..a 50something couple i know from work, just sold their gold present they got from grandma as a wedding gift. it was 30years ago and they got about 1200eur for that piece of gold and they paid an important debt they had to pay..even for that reason its not bad to have some gold/silver. and no one says you have to fallout panic and buy every month gold/silver for all your salary..every month 1/4 ounce of gold, doesnt only look good, its a nice security for yourself, for bad times,for good times, for your children and their children.and in a year you have your 3ounce of know what you got for 1oune of gold in germany in the 1920s when the system collapsed? a big prestige house with a pool and marble all over the place in the best district of berlin. ofcorse on the other hand people traded gold for chicken or pigs or fresh water..or a night to sleep in the warm..and ofcorse for a lot less than the true value of gold. whatever comes, good times or bad times, have some amount of gold and silver and i feel comfortable. and i am not thinking every day that i m gonna die in a zombie or economical crises. i just think i am maybe a lil bit better prepared than other people