Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scottsdale Silver Order Review

Been buying silver for many years, thought I would give these guys a try. I bought it from and package arrived the same week I placed the order. Please watch video for review.I was going with APMEX for a good while, but found that they list their initial prices about $50 lower than what I actually ended up paying. Shipping is where they get you, and it cleverly does not factor in until the very end of the purchase cycle. I didn't like the "bait and switch" games
Buy physical silver stack up silver bars coins bullion tubes and rounds because Its

1) because silver is rising

2) because dollars are dropping, so basically if you invest money in metals you dont lose it like you would have if you had it banked...

3) fiat money is becoming worthless so those with metals will be the wealthy ones and those with paper money become poor.

4) ...dont they look prettier then your average moniez?..