Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buy Gold and Silver Bullions Online from as little as $25

Gold is a real asset - owning Gold is about the only form of real security TODAY gold is a safe haven when currencies decline. average people don't own gold less then 1% do. the largest buyers of gold are countries like china and India. you cant get rich by dumping gold to the average person by manipulating the price because no one has 2000 dollars for a single ounce. First it was the stock market, then it was housing, now it's gold, don't miss this gold rush, learn the SECRET and make your own fortune.Trading gold is the opportunity of a lifetime to make money, all you need to know is the SECRET behind it.Turn money into gold and gold into money Having gold at home makes you feel secure and ready for possible financial hardships that will come your way in the future.

Demand and supply is an economic model of price determination in a market. Gold and Silver is a good long-term investment for those who can afford it, BUT it seems to me that continuous growth of the gold price is clearly due to artificial market manipulation intentionally created by rich and powerful. By escalating people's interest and their further desires, it is obvious why price is continue sky rocketing.