Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Morgan Dollar - America favorite Silver Coin!

The Morgan Dollar - American's favorite Silver Coin! When the USD goes, the US will no longer to be able to support housing (0% rates + QE + backing 90% of newly issues mortgages) and in addition, the US will become much poorer because hyperinflation is completely economically devastating so housing will decline 70%-80%. Silver, on the other hand, will gain at least 3,000%. Gold will hit min $10,000 in real terms and silver will hit min. 10 to 1 silver / gold meaning silver hits min. $1,000. Bottom line, sell your house and buy silver. In the video we discuss the history and background of American's favorite coin to collect "The Morgan Silver Dollar" The history of the morgan dollar is just as interesting as the morgan dollar for collecting. We also discuss what the trends are in collecting and investing in this wonder silver coin. Economic collapse is imminent and market maipulation continues there will be a silver shortage so buy silver now and crash JP Morgan. The Greatest Depression is comming gold investing and silver investing are the only way to survive so buy silver bullion and gold bullion coins bars and rounds are all fine.

Sure enough to bet my life's savings on silver. Sure enough to get my family and friends into silver. And sure enough to spend time every day learning about silver because the opportunities are going to be enormous. The Fed has no choice but to increase QE or let the malinvestments become exposed and depositors to lose their money. The shorts are giving me an opportunity to enter into silver at a lower price and therefore make a lot more money.