Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Investing in Silver Bars

I suggest you keep the Bars in their Original Packaging. I see you have already taken out a lot of your bars. Finish Filling up what you got, but from now on don't take them out. They will be worth more if you don't remove them. Watch them, now they will start to oxidize and lose their shinny finish. Air alone oxides the bars. Also the bars you chose will stay around spot price because they make the same bars every year. I suggest you start collecting bars that are only made during the Year of Purchase. This way they are still cheap, but the Value will go up every year. I mean your SilverTowne Bars you bought today look exactly like the SilverTowne Bars I bought 2 years ago and the bars you will buy 3 years from now. So you don't know how old they are.