Friday, December 12, 2014

Investing in Copper - Bars vs. U.S. Cents

I received a post a while back that said why go thru the hassle of sorting pennies when you can just buy copper bars. Copper bars are neat and they look nice, but for investment my money is going into copper cents. The equivalent amount of cents it takes to equal the copper content in the bar is around 150. If you sort the pennies yourself, that means your cost is only $1.50. This copper bar cost me around $14 shipped - that's almost 10 times the cost! The only redeming factor the copper bar has is that it is .999 pure copper as compared to the pre '82 cents which are 95% copper. While the cents are not as pure, they also have collector value. For me the choice is clear. Copper cents are for me! I still stand by prediction that within 10 years, copper will be around $15 a pound. Just think of all the people that will be wishing they had saved copper cents. Now is the time - start hoarding those cents! Check out my new Youtube weapon channel also. It's called TheWeaponsBin