Monday, June 20, 2011

American Gold Eagle Coins | US Gold Coins (Gold coins)

The American Gold Eagle bullion coin and the collector American Eagle gold coins (proofs and burnished uncirculated).The fact is they contain 31.103 grams (1 troy oz) of pure gold, and weigh 33.930 grams. The American gold buffalo coin is .9999 and weighs 31.103 grams. I guess I don't understand what you mean... do you think the gold eagles don't actually contain the gold they say? Sounds like something China would do, not the US. I don't know though these days. A $50 American Gold Eagle weighs 1.0909 oz; Therefore, 91% gold is equivalent to 1 oz. The other 9% comes from harder metals because gold is a soft metal.We discuss how the Gold American Eagle coin came into being and what to collect as a coin collector and what to invest in if you are just look for gold bullion.American Gold Coins .US Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency. Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases

Careful. American Gold Eagles can be easily counterfeited. It could fool even an expert. The counterfeiters use a tungsten core which has practically the same density as gold
The obverse design magnificent. The reverse design simply atrocious. The design is too cluttered which Augustus Saint Gaudens consciously avoided the first time he conceived the design for the gold $20 piece. The gold bullion design only cheapens the striding lady liberty design and a mismatch for the glorious obverse design. I would simply call this modern coins a mule, devoid of artistic value.