Friday, June 14, 2013

Buying Gold & Silver Coins On eBay ?

Although I have purchased many silver and gold coins through ebay, their are faster, safer and easier ways to do it without getting ripped off ..

I would recommend sticking to American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins or coins that have been certified by NGC ,PCGS or ANACS preferably.

When buying Silver & Gold coins "sight unseen" the ONLY way to mitigate risk is with certified numismatic coins + making SURE that you check the coins certification number and clarify with the seller that the COIN in the PHOTO is the one you will receive.

Bullion or raw/ungraded coins are a suckers game on eBay-anything could be a slug, even certified coins can be tampered with. Check the sellers feedback rating, anything less than 100% and I would move on ...

Do Not Fall into the hype that BULLION is the only way to go-That's bullshit and the guys espousing that crap KNOW IT!

Just take a look at the "Closed Sales" on eBay for certified coins- They Sell like hot-cakes! Make sure you look at the closed sales on MS70 coins ..

Do the research .. Don't take my word for it and especially not from some perfect hair-Wall Street types, selling books, driving Tesla Roadsters & tooling around in their yachts
They want to scare you into buying , don't fall for it .. end of rant

Like I said, I have used eBay to buy gold & silver and I continue to do so on occasion.
I just don't feel comfortable recommending eBay to novice gold & silver coin buyers.

Since I originally posted this video, eBay has tightened up standards dramatically when it comes to what kind of certified coins you can sell on their site and made big steps to eliminate all the riff-raff.