Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The wrong way to Buy GOLD - Peter Schiff

Just buy the coin for it's melt value, as close to spot price as possible you don't need to get a fancy coin, don't be silly, you should just be buying the cheapest coin you can (silver/gold) I just buy from APMEX. I'm not trying to hype them up, but APMEX is pretty competitive on prices for their Eagles. I dont even bother to call them, I just order online. I receive a tracking number the next day and in about a week my delivery arrives. Pretty boring actually. I also have a local coin dealer where I buy Peace, Morgans, Franklins & Kennedy's, their prices are fair and the sales clerk has nice tits, so that keeps me coming back. People should be smart enough to do their own research plain and simple....I would never do business with goldline or do business like goldline. But if people are dumb enough to buy from them....then it is what it is.