Saturday, July 30, 2011

British Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold Sovereign British Coins are one of the most popular gold coins available today as they are globally recognized and commonly traded on the international market. Gold has seen a huge increase in demand as countries, corporations and individuals have seen that currency from even then top countries have an uncertain future. The only known material to have a history of over 6000 years of value is gold. Gold may be the most likely form of trade to hedge against the unstable financial markets. World gold coins has become a diversified means of stability to include the Swiss franc, French franc and British Gold Sovereign.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Countdown to the Debt Ceiling: A special message from APMEX CEO, Michael Haynes

Gold is money. Dollars are fiat currency. Why do you bust your butt working for pieces of paper when in the future those pieces of paper will be worthless? You answer this question and you will answer your question.Buy Gold Bullion from the world's largest online precious metals dealer. The SECURITY of diversifying your assets, the STRENGTH of Competitive Prices and the PRIDE of dealing with a leader in Customer Satisfaction. It's Time to INVEST in REAL AMERICAN VALUES.Dont spend everything youve got, spend money that you will not need for a while, silver prices fluctuate massively. Ive spent money that i will not need to use & will not be selling my silver for a longtime. Apmex do some nice stuff, dont buy huge chunks of silver, start small with a few troy ounces & build up your knowledge before taking the plunge. You could ask for silver as Christmas/birthday gifts from family members.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buffalo Gold Coin Bullion

Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins - Call 1-(877)-962-1133 Buffalo gold coins are .9999 pure making it the purest of all the gold coins being minted today by the US government. This came in demand as it was recognized that the American Eagle Gold Coins did not equal the same content as the Canadian Maple Leaf and Austrian Gold.

While the American eagle gold coin is popular, it is not globally in demand as other countries that produce .9999 gold bullion. The Buffalo Gold Coin is .9999 gold and is internationally able to meet the demands of gold investors. If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell gold now or in the near future, contact Regal Assets at 1-877-962-1133 or visit them online at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Double Sided Two Headed Two Faced American Eagle Silver Dollar - Heads

Incredibly beautiful US American Eagle Silver Dollar coin made of pure silver and it's double sided! Win all your bets with this absolutely collectible coin. Also available in Tails or as a set!
From The Magical Rabbit

Sunday, July 24, 2011

American Silver Eagle Coins & Bullion

Silver American Eagles are my Favorite coins ever i love the look of a silver eagle much more than the canadian maple leaf! Great Episode! I started collecting American Silver Eagles last year and really love the coins.I had no Idea about the error in the U as discussed.Great factoid.Now I will have to go back and look at my coins to see if I have one with the error

American Silver & Gold Coins - US Silver & Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US Silver & Gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Silver & Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency.

Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

APMEX Gold and Silver coins & bullion - Review

Buyer reviews  buying experience from American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) and give you the review you need to see before you buy. Overall they are decent site. I have bought alot from them. There is good and bad- Prices are good, packaging is great, website is good. The Bad-Payment options, shipping prices. I still use them..Indeed APMEX is cool!, Monarch Silver is great too! You dont find handmade-bars like they do em anymore
I have had NO problems with apmex with 10's of thousands worth of orders.... been very satisfied and their prices are good, shipping is quick, gentleman below needs to read the clearly defined rules about canceling orders..I pay the credit card charges, for the convenience. I am not looking at it as as much as investment but more insurance.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rare Liberty Gold Coin

Liberty gold coins were minted form 1849 to 1907 and are rare gold coins. Historically profitable record of favorable gains the Liberty head gold composition is made up of 90% percent gold and was used as official US Currency until 1933 when most gold coins were melted down during the great depression.

The gold content and the rarity of the coin gives it a higher value than say gold bullion that trades closer to the spot price of gold. It is the $20 liberty gold coin that is the most popular and demanded coin in this series due to its gold content and scarcity.

All that glitters isn't necessarily gold unless it's this magnificent addition to your collection - our $5 U.S. Liberty Gold Coin. This coin - also known as the Liberty Head Half Eagle .Certified graded coins always include that information in the product description you can access through the "Buy Now" link in the video description. If there isn't one listed, then it's not a certified coin or our vendor partner didn't provide us with that information.$10 Liberty Head Gold Coins | Buy Gold | Sell Gold at 1-866-775-3131 Short Video of the $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin. Browse all Gold Coins and other Precious Metals or set up a Gold IRA / 401k Rollover

Saturday, July 9, 2011

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

Gold Bars by PAMP Suisse from Minted in Switzerland, these .9999 Gold Bullion Bars have incredible detail such as Assay Cards with matching serial numbers (Bar and Card), weight, purity, and holograms. Scottsdale Silver offers these in different denominations such as 1 oz gold bars, 5 and 10 Gram Gold Bars. Investors looking for the best quality in precious metals, these what you've been looking. These do qualify for Retirement Accounts. (see for more detail on Gold IRA's, Silver can also be put into IRA) PAMP Suisse 1 kilo Silver Bars come packaged in a black plastic box, each containing 15 bars. love those PAMP bars!
Hey Scottsdale, start shipping to CANADA!

APMEX Gold Bars

APMEX American Precious Metals Exchange .9999 Fine Gold Bars and are available in sizes from 1 gram to 1 ounce. Investors find our APMEX Gold Bars are often more economical than other gold bars, yet they have the same purity and fineness.I've done business with these guys, the service is A+ and products are great. Buy gold while it's cheap now

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The best way to buy gold & silver - James Turk

James Turk : ...when you are accumulating gold you are saving sound money , savings are always a good thing and it is particularly good when you are saving sound money as you are preserving your purchasing power over a long period of time , you are accumulating wealth in that regard , the key question is , is gold still a good value and even if the price has relatively rising quite a bit gold is still undervalued , the policy this decade of still continue accumulating still holds it is still valid ....

Secure: GoldMoney® enables you to hold gold, silver & platinum that is fully insured and stored securely in specialised bullion vaults in Zurich and London. All metal is owned directly by you with no counterparty risk.

•Convenient: Easily buy gold, silver & platinum and take delivery of physical bars of gold. Use GoldMoney's patented technology to make goldgram® payments.

•Trusworthy: Since 2001, thousands of individuals have used GoldMoney to buy gold, silver and platinum to protect their wealth from today's financial uncertainties. Our industry-leading procedures set new standards for governance and customer protection.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Chinese Silver Panda Coin

China Silver Panda Bullion Coins , if you are going to buy Chinese Pandas you should at least know what you are doing cause the Chinese Pandas are heavily counterfeited .Another purchase of silver from a Chinese precious metals dealer. These are some of the nicest quality silver coins out there and the premiums reflect that fact. Over time Chinese Panda coins increase in value very nicely, since there are not nearly as many minted vs. U.S. Silver Eagles. The key is to keep buying a little at a time to add to your investment. Why put your money in a bank? You get no return on investment and you help bankers be more irresponsible with your wealth. Remember, it's not so important how much you paid for your silver in spot price.... It's how many ounces you have when the game finally ends.....
Chinese and Australian silver is expensive American eagles are cheaper

Monday, July 4, 2011

Australian Koala Silver Coin

1oz Australian Koala silver bullion coins 2007 to 2011 Nice looking silver bullion coins but I would stay away from government issued "legal tender" with a "face value." You pay high premiums and the government owns them, you just hold them. .Numis Network Presents an entertaining and educational video about the 2011 Australian Silver Koala coin.Who can resist the endearing and loveable Australian Koala? With a design that changes yearly, it is easy to understand why the Silver Koala is a favorite of collectors, both young and old alike. 2011 finds two cuddly koalas sitting on adjacent tree branches. Exquisitely frosted, the delicate design on the table of this year's coin enhances the koala's shiny likeness.I prefer the 2010 Koala. I chose not to buy the 2011 1 kg or 1 oz coins.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copper and Zinc Pennies

I have saved a whole lot of copper pennies both US and Canadian over the years. Recently went to a coin dealer to ask what they might be worth. Not much because the price of uncirculated rolls for most dates is a small premium over face. The value of the copper doesn't come into it presumably because it is very illegal to melt legal tender coins. Therefore the "real" value can not be realized. Nonetheless the "real" value is there and I am not getting rid of my pennies even though they are very You can bounce them if you don;t feel like weighing. The coppers ring and the zincs go plunk. They look and feel different to. I think the coppers need to disappear from circulation before they are worth something, so keep mining.

I always mark my dump rolls with a Z for zinc, so if you come across one do me a favor and check through it. Make sure I didn't miss any. :-)

mostly 3.1 grams for the "real" pennies--did this a few months ago-about 1/3 of pennies from the bank are pre 1982 95% cooper-- did manage to separate $25 worth of 95% copper pennies which i think is $40 worth of copper. Easy to do when watching aimless TV or Endlessmountain--ha ha just kidding. Good point on the pennies--a copper peny saved is MORE THAN a penny earned.

I call the Zinc pennies the "fake" ones.


P.S. I always buy some copper when I put in a Silver order.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buy Silver and Buy it now on dips

Buy Silver , Silver is poorman's Gold .gold and silver has been outperforming stocks for a long time now - silver outperforming gold with 350% profit since 2002...Silver to become a rare earth metal , it is Extremely undervalued. Silver to become extinct by year 2020 according to geologists only 300 millions ounces left! Silver is consumable industry metal it is used up : 95% gold ever found is still around 75% of silver is a by-product of mining other metal only 25% is primary product of mining,In 1480 the price of one ounce of Silver was equal to one ounce of Gold, Low supply, high demand Price to skyrocket get your silver and stay long! What really matters about precious metals is that unlike paper money, they retain their purchasing power no matter what the prices may be at any given point in time. Whether $230.00 an once or $2300.00 an once Gold will purchase as much as always and more. Fiat currencies will always purchase less and less until you need a wheel-barrel load just to buy a loaf of bread. Don't believe me? Just check your history books. May God bless us all with wisdom and understanding.another thing, its an industrial metal used in clothes, mobile phones, deodorants, medication etc. It is running out and is in fact currently rarer than gold. The price is suppressed by the FED also, but that won't last forever when demand far outweighs production

In the 80's stock market crash, silver hit $350 an ounce (inflation adjusted).

The "elite" is fooling us to buy stocks that doesn't even outperform inflation, and that only looks good because of inflation. They don't want us to own things that are out of the reach of their dollar - in fact, they've been confiscating it before!