Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Detect a Fake Silver Eagle Coins

Fake Silver Eagle Coins Silver eagle Coin fraud is an unfortunate reality of coin collecting, but it's easy to educate yourself about fake silver coins and coin fraud subjects. This article teaches out how to spot fake silver eagle coins .Important to remember that scales are only so accurate, if your weighing something check the accuracy of your scales, the error could be any thing from +/- 1g to +/- 0.001g depending on the quality of your scales!If your scales says it weighs 30g but has an error of +/- 1g, the actual weight could be any where between 29g and 31g.The scammers are getting smarter....there are some fakes out there that will weigh in at 31.1 grams...they are starting to make the coins slightly thicker to make up the can probably spot the fakes in person if you know your coins or have a real coin to compare with...but...many people are getting ripped off on ebay with these and it's virtually impossible to spot a fake based on the suppliers picture....buyers beware!

have a new delivery-sealed Monster Box of 2010 Eagles. I also have some 2009s from sealed boxes. All the coins show a few 1/100 ths of a gram variation from the specified book weight. All coins show this kind of variation, Eagles, Maples, Libertad, Phillie's

To suggest any Eagle that is sightly out from the book weight is a fake is highly irresponsible, for it is simply untrue and peopl e could lose money thinking they have fakes which are rea