Sunday, July 24, 2011

American Silver Eagle Coins & Bullion

Silver American Eagles are my Favorite coins ever i love the look of a silver eagle much more than the canadian maple leaf! Great Episode! I started collecting American Silver Eagles last year and really love the coins.I had no Idea about the error in the U as discussed.Great factoid.Now I will have to go back and look at my coins to see if I have one with the error

American Silver & Gold Coins - US Silver & Gold coins have become one of the more popular forms of gold investment over the last decade. US Silver & Gold coins by law have to be minted to keep up with the public demand. In doing so Good proof coins and fractional gold has been suspended as the demand for the American Silver & Gold Eagle Coins have reached underrepresented interest due to an unstable US currency.

Gold is recognized by all countries and has been a form of trade for over 6000 years. China and India both have long term buying programs for their banks and encourage individuals to buy gold. As fiat currencies not backed by gold come under scrutiny the demand for gold increases.

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