Monday, August 29, 2011

Perth Mint Australia - Silver Bullion Unboxing

I've received a shipment of silver today and decided to share the unboxing with my viewers. The package includes 2 units of 99.9% Pure Silver from the Perth Mint Australia. Purchased at $357.00 per bar in late February 2011 .Investment in precious metals will always be worth something, even when money is diluted so much that everything costs a fortune, silver and gold will remain salable at a nice amount! :) The way prices are going, it'll be a very worth while investment! :) 4 months ago silver was selling at $26 per ounce, now it's $36, so things are looking u,The problem I have with the Perth mint is that they are too expensive !  They must love their metal more than the rest of the mints around the world

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