Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silver Bullion : How to Avoid Buying Fake Silver

Here are some of the things you need to know in order not to get fooled when buying silver bullion, #1: It needs to say the weight, #2. ...it needs to have the purity, 3, buy from a reputable mint.Try testing the weight of the rounds first on a good troy ounce or gram scale that measure out multiple decimals(A jeweler or coin shop probably has one if you don't). If the weight is a lot more or a lot less that the weight stamped on the piece, do further tests. Also before you do a test that would mark up the coin, look at wording. If it doesn't have ".999 silver" or the weight in troy ounces or grams, try more tests. Better to know now then find out at a desperate time :)

Tips to avoid buying fake silver. Look at these silver duds and see who makes them so you are not fooled. If you have purchased silver and discovered that it is a fake, please make a video response to show the world. Let's expose the silver thieves together!

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