Thursday, October 13, 2011


Do you like Maples or Eagles? the Canadian Maple Leaf, it's point, nine, nine, nine, compared to the US Silver Eagle, which is point, nine, nine, nine." I think you meant, point, nine, nine, nine, nine.the difference is .0007, and in my opinion, the difference is not worth favoring one over the other simply because of that. If you want .99999 silver coins go to Royal Silver More pure then the Maple Leafs


  1. I can't believe anyone would quibble over the fineness between the Silver Eagle and the Maple Leaf. I like the Maple Leaf because of its $5 Canadian face value as opposed to the $1 US of the Eagle. Which may mean nothing, but you never know. I also like the more minimalist and classic look of the ML, than the SE which is way to busy and overly designed, imo. The Walking Liberty worked for the US Half Dollar, but not expanded to 1 oz. coin size...

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