Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buy Silver: 1 Kilo Silver Aztec Calendar

After looking at the Mexican 1 kilo silver coin it appears as its the very same calendar and art work, The 1 kilo is a very nice coin but too pricey for my tastes so this fits perfectly into my budget. Silver Mexican Libertads have low mintages for bullion coins giving them a bit of a numismatic value and their newer design is second to none. These coins are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and elsewhere and the 40mm .999 fine 1 oz Silver coins are very popular with collectors and investors. - This stunning coin features the design of the Sun Stone (Aztec Calendar) on the reverse, in spectacular detail. The mint mark of the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (oM) is on the right side, while on the left is the legal tender denomintion "$100" followed by the year of minting, and the legend "1 KG PLATA PURA LEY .999" (1 KG PURE SILVER FINENESS .999). In the center of the obverse is a sculptural relief of the National Shield, encompassed by the legend "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" (UNITED MEXICAN STATES). Surrounding this along the coin's edge are reproductions of the different Coats of Arms used throughout Mexico's history.

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