Thursday, December 22, 2011

Silver Dips Below $29.00 - Mass Manipulation? Lowest Point Reached?

Here comes 2012. Today silver dips below $29.00 for paper silver. Do you really thing people who bought if for more will actually sell their physical silver for paper prices?Paper silver will continue to go lower. How far will physical follow the paper lower is the question. but once paper and physical really seperates, it wouldnt be a happy pictures, thats the end of days, armageddon. Sure your physical will be in untoughable highs (just as my gold;) but still i am not sure if i really wanna see that, because whats it worth, when society breaks completely, wouldnt be fun to go in a cruise in your new Ferrari..... So be careful what you wish for......

As far as i am concerned, paper silver does not exist and it's not real, it's bottom is the same as the dollar, just worth the paper it's printed on.. i guess we may see the day soon when folks will be able to wipe thier arses in style... pop bottles are worth more LOL nice channel, i got into silver at the high 14s and gold at about $800. hold on and live life, nothing much else has any hope in the future like the metals, we made the right choice, im thankful we did the right thing.

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  1. You write well except for the occasional spelling/punctuation atrocity. :)