Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Collect Morgan Silver dollars

A great way to collect silver is to collect Morgan Silver dollars . In the mid 1800's, American citizens could walk into an office of the US Mint and pay a small fee to convert raw silver into legal tender coinage. When the market value of silver was lower than the face value of the coins produced, individuals were able to turn a profit, thus increasing the money supply and causing inflation , that's the history and background of American's favorite coin to collect "The Morgan Silver Dollar" The history of the Morgan dollar is just as interesting as the Morgan dollar for collecting. We also discuss what the trends are in collecting and investing in this wonder silver coin. and remember Morgan is more an NUMISMATIC coin... Morgans are only 90% silver. Sure, they have a collectors value but when it comes down to getting the MOST per oz for silver - pure bullion is best. Junk silver is ok but in time of panic it's not desired as much. ONLY pure silver coins and bullion will be sought after during hyper inflation. Look, I know I would take Silver Eagles over Morgans if I was selling something. Most stores and people would agree. Morgan - Nice coin but not as valuable and usually not mint Remember buy only graded Morgans from trusted grading services!