Friday, July 20, 2012

How To Purchase Gold and Silver & store it with GoldMoney

Smart way in investing! James Turks is a revolutionist in the business and many aspire to be like his company. Few are able to replicate his integrity.Most will agree that GoldMoney, Bullion Vault and the two Sprott funds are far better than iAu, GLD, SLV, etc... Why not store some outside of the country (just in case), spread it around the globe if you have hundreds of thousands of equivalent dollars worth? How often do you get to Hong Kong? I've only been there once. I would recommend GoldMoney to anyone who wants to remotely store or trade in PM, but doesn't have the desire to hold large quantities of physical themselves .Having said that . If your like me and only have 100K (or less) worth then yes you can store it in a few places that you can easily secure and get to as/if required. But what if you wanted to trade ("barter" or "exchange") in Au or Ag. GoldMoney account holders can electronically transfer to/from other accounts in grams (I believe it still works that way) . If I traded often with my business associates in China or in the EU, we could establish paymen exchanges online.

What are the advantages of buying gold and silver? Precious metals are a great way of preserving purchasing power during times when economic collapse threatens. But how about the pros and cons of various ownership methods? Is there a way people can become precious metals owners while avoiding the disadvantages of trying to find suitable home storage? Watch this short video to find out more.