Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Silver Chinese Panda - Mintage, Best Price, Where To Buy

I ordered mine today well we are in this dip and will be buying more next month as well. This is one of my favorite bullion rounds on the market along side the Kookaburras and Canadian Maples....and the 2013 Kookaburra is a good deal too!

This video explains why I'm advocating buying the 2013 Chinese Panda as a semi-numismatic play for the upcoming year. Learn more at: If you're looking for a semi-numismatic play for 2013, look no further. Buying the 2013 Chinese Panda coin while silver prices remain low is a great strategy for people who are interested in these premium coins. The reason the Chinese Panda is such an amazing semi-numismatic coin is because every year a new design gets released. The moment that happens, all the coins that have previously been released instantly become more rare and collectable. To illustrate my point, please take a quick look at the APMEX page for Chinese Pandas and look back at what the previous designs are selling for. As you can see, all of the previous years have an added semi-numismatic premium which grows as the years march forward. This is the main reason why investors go absolutely NUTS over these coins, not to mention how the Chinese Mint has increased Panda production 1233% in less than two years. In 2010, annual mintage figures were a mere 600,000 only to skyrocket to 6 million in 2011. The Mint is currently projecting the 2013 mintage to match 2012 at 8 million coins annually produced. All the Mint is doing is keeping up with the absolutely exploding investor demand in China and Hong Kong at the moment for physical gold and silver.