Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where to go Metal Detecting for SILVER,OLD CoIns & GoLd Rings in your area

A how to video. For the beginer metal detector hobbiest ,as well as the intermediate and advanced detectorists...Where to go metal detecting for silver coins.In the beginning of this video..I shaved 5 minutes..Instead of Reading Tips on where to find the information,and Tips on how to set up your machine ,and simple Rules..I just took pictures of the dialog,and suggest that you pause and read it all...Toward the end of the video..I said..Stay in the easement...Which is the city owned area between the sidewalk and the curb..Most people will ignore you ,because that easement is already torn up for construction..However...There are a very few people that will ask ...Why are you on my property ?...Tho you are not (It is City Property)...Just say...Excuse me,and move on ...Do not argue with them..Even tho it is city property...You do not want to cause a scene and have them call the police...You will lose...I have metal detected many of these tear outs over the last 20+ years,and was only confronted one time by an irate property owner...I said..."Excuse me...I did not want to offend you,I thought this was city property (and it was, but I did not argue the point)...I stepped up to the sidewalk and walked a few houses down before detecting again..Problem Solved..Many silver coins,& old coins can be found by the beginer this way...They strip between 4"-8 inches of sod & soil off the top...Lots of times you can spot a wheat cent, a buffalo nickle ,or silver coin just laying on top of the ground...Most times you will have to dig one to four inches to find your target...Which (if the sod was still there) would have been 8-12 inches benieth the sod...Easy pickins for even the cheapest of metal detectors...Bounty Hunter detectors,as well as the Garrett Ace 250 can make quick work of the silver coins and gold rings lost long ago...The end of the video was dedicated to a metal detectorist from Norway that said the cost of living is better in Norway than the U.S.,and the cost to drink ratio was higher here in the U.S...Probably True...But not on this day...We made enough money to pay for our drinks,with enough to spare at the end...Cheers DiggingNorway