Friday, December 5, 2014

Fine Silver Bullion Investment Tips & Strategies

In this video, Avi Oziel describes the different types of Fine Silver Bullion for investment purposes. For those who are new to investing in precious metals in the form of physical bullion, Mr. Oziel will equip you with the knowledge necessary to acquire .999 fine silver with the right initial investment and liquidation strategies defined from the get-go. When dealing with physical bullion which is more precious than money itself, Oziel believes that being able to identify and understand the different types of bullion available for purchase is important in protecting yourself from unwarranted mistakes that prove costly in the long run. Avi explains what SPOT price is, what premiums are when purchasing silver bullion, the key factors determining the different premium prices on silver bullion, and the different types of proffered silver bullion available for long term investment purposes Familiarizing yourself with the more popular and worldwide recognized names in fine silver bullion will help you liquidate your investment with confidence and security should the need to sell arise in the future. With many different mints producing minted and cast hand-poured silver coins, bars and rounds, knowing what to buy and when will save you a lot time and money, when it is literally 'precious'.

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